At Terra we pride ourselves on our strong team, our dedication to addressing food security, our commitment to sustainable farming and business practices and to growth.

About Terra


Our focus is growing maize as part of an import replacement strategy for the region. Our vision is to become a pan-African company with a diverse portfolio of farming activities. Our slogan 'standing on our feet', demonstrates our commitment to social development.

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The Team


Our team brings a range of farming, business and entrepreneurial skills to Terra. We encourage and back the development of our employees and the success of our staff and clients is a reflection on our work and a job well done.

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Food Security


We address food insecurity by ensuring that the basic needs of our region are met and that the community has access to more and nutritious food. We use cutting edge technology to ensure that we optimally manage soil and water resources, thus reducing crop loss.

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Aims & Objectives


With rapidly rising food prices and major food shortages, it is essential for the region to adopt measures that will help it to improve food supplies. Terra hopes to help rebuild communities by increasing sustainable agricultural production.

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Our Promise


We are committed to to empowering our community, which we will always stand behind. We also promise to protect the environment through the use of sustainable farming methods and to continually improve and increase agricultural productivity in the region.

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