Terra SPRL is a leading agribusiness company with headquarters in Lubumbashi, the capital of the Katanga Province and the second largest city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (D.R. Congo). Terra was established in 2007 by the CEO of a well-known business group in D.R. Congo. Our current primary focus is growing white maize as part of an import replacement strategy for the region. Our vision is to become a pan-African agricultural company with a diverse portfolio of farming activities.

White maize is the main staple food within the province of Katanga and stable production of this grain is of paramount importance for this region. The growth in population in the D.R. Congo combined with dwindling natural resources and a changing climate created a need for a local maize producer to initiate agricultural productivity. Increased agricultural productivity can help the overall growth of the region as it improves nutrition for those living in the D.R. Congo.

~ standing on our feet ~

Terra’s slogan “standing on our feet”, demonstrates our commitment to and involvement in community and social development. Several initiatives are being implemented to enhance capacity building and in turn create a tangible contribution to the local population. We support and create the sustainable development of agriculture in the D.R. Congo and throughout the rest of Africa.